Écofaune Boréale intends to devote itself to carrying out applied research combining technological development, technical assistance, knowledge transfer, and dissemination of information, as well as the acquisition of innovative social practices allowing all actors involved in developing Northern fur and its value chain to reposition economically in relation to the reality of the global fur, leather, and leather products market. Moreover, Écofaune Boréale aims to be in compliance with eco-friendly and sustainable development requirements as well as in harmony with First Nations and Inuit.



Canada's northern wild fur is a high-quality, sustainable and recyclable natural resource, harnessing eco-friendly and ethical values for the benefit of trappers, craftspeople, businesses and Indigenous communities, for whom fur is integral to ancestral and contemporary lifestyles and a path of legitimate development. Canadian wild fur comes from a noble fauna treated with consideration and valued entirely, without any loss, as a raw material essential to life that demands respect.


  • Agility
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable development
  • Knowledge and education
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Human beings and social development
  • Knowledge mobilization and co-construction
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Applied Research

Starting with an idea or a need, Écofaune Boréale initiates and carries out research projects in all areas related to the valorization of wild fur and the whole animal...
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Technical Assistance

Écofaune Boréale offers services to help businesses adapt and renew themselves. It's a little boost that makes the difference!
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Knowledge Transfer
and Dissemination

Whether in the short, medium or long term, improving and updating know-how is crucial for any organization.
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The Écofaune Boréale logo is inspired by a traditional art style that represents the environment, plants, minerals and animals. Evidently, the special vocation of Écofaune Boréale suggests a representation more related to wildlife, in a historical context where the cultures have all been concerned by activities intimately linked to Northern life, trapping, living in territory, traditional medicine, and the natural food of the forest.

The attachment of the peoples here (former, present, and future) to wildlife is illustrated in this logo in many ways, a bit like a symbiosis of representative elements of complementary activities revolving around the fur of Northern wild animals. Écofaune Boréale hopes to act as a bridge between visions, values to share, and partnerships to redefine in order to accompany a respectful development of the fauna, valorized in a sustainable way.

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Axis 1
Valorization of Boreal wildlife

Axis 2
Valorization of social practices with industry players, First Nations and Inuit
Axis 3
Use of Boreal flora in the valorization of Boreal wildlife

Axis 4
Implementation in related fields

Axis 5
Circular economy as a priority approach